The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 45 season 3 feeeeels good...... ya!! ( you know the song! :)

soooooooooo no complaints from me....I have had the most awesome and wonderful times of my life lately with LOA, yesterday after posting some pretty awesome stuff i went out and had a pretty awesome...nah scratch that..super awesome day! last night, for a few seconds i thought i was falling in love :) once i got my head together i realized that i am just coming closer and closer and closer to all the beauty and clarity that this universe has for me..i had a great day at work where some beautiful molments were shared, even the lady at the nail shop and i were laughing and laughing..i am greeted by friends in the world where ever i go, i find goooooood hugs, gooood love, gooood friends, big smiles, bit laughs, warmth and comfort and i am soooooooooooo grateful and thankful for all these wonderful blessings that come all the time!! so thankful thank you are the best!! love this group :)

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