The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 46 Season 3!..... i feel like i am a universe in the universe...

 There was a working-fun weekend, as usual! THANKS 4 MY job , that i love and nice people around, and extra INCOME!!! WOW !!  i am very thankful !!!!  

even because then i can sleep and take it easy on mondays and tuesdays!!

today i went out shopping....i bought things for crafts, i want to make Xmas decorations ......

i loved to feel my pretty winter jacket and my warm boots, and scarf....i like how seasons changes and also to change all clothes and looks....! ( I even washed and put away all my summertimes sandals and flip flops! )                    

   I think i am so very lucky to have all these options and clothes and accessories and shoes for all the seasons !!! .......and even a basket full of fruits and an happy boyfriend, an healthy and nice mother and a warm cat. 

And an art project to think ,  a laptop and an internet connection and central heating! 

thanks thanks, yeah! tomorrow i want to be creative and full of energies to share, i want to give all my love and smiles to the universe, i always feel so blessed and safe, and easy! 

i love the Universe,

.....everything seems perfect and i am not scared at all!

i feel like i am  universe in the universe...! :))))))))) i even saw this documentary and understood something!

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Comment by Susan on November 2, 2014 at 2:53pm

WOW~  I'm going to watch that right now!

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