The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This past week has been really awesome. 

On the one hand, I had the opportunity of speaking my heart at the right place, at the right time, and that left me light, no inner dialogue whatsoever afterwards. 

On the other hand, new and well-paid work kept coming, and getting used to the feeling of "having". At some moments, though, I fear that it might stop, that if I share the good news the flow will stop and I will end up were I was before. These fears are not new, but instead of pushing them to the back of my mind, I'm looking at them and feeling myself with love. I attended a free-livestream with Rikka yesterday, and the following question is helping me big time: "If I knew that I'm infinitely loved and I loved myself totally, would I agree with my fears?" Definitely not! So I'm addressing the frightened child within with love... Plus, I'm being public about it all here!!!

I really enjoyed doing my radio show last Wednesday, in which I had a guest for the first time, and the whole energy and message expanded big time!

And last but not least, I've chosen to participate in the "Get your book done" project with Christine Kloser. It's a big leap of faith to invest money on it, and I'm feeling it's the easiest and most supportive and fun way to write the book growing within me... I'm waiting to receive some payments in order to click the "Buy" button...! Another act of belief in myself... choosing it because it's *joyful*...!

Thank you for being part of this Reality Challenge with me. Lots of love and hugs to you reading this...!!!


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