The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I love my friends and family for better or worse.
I love that I am wealthy in healthy and love and that my life is abundant.
I love Fridays!
I love that today is farmer's market day.
I love meditating as often as I can.
I love the writing and creative projects I am working on -- it feels like play.
I love that my clients appreciate and respect my work.
I love hearing the spin classes across the street at Gold's gym -- it's inspiring!
I love that today is another exciting day of NBA playoffs.
I love that I have friends to share good times with.
I love working out and eating healthy-- it feels amazing.
I love how my body is looking even leaner thanks to the care I am showing it.
I love that I am unique and authentic.
I love that loving myself has allowed me to love others.

Thank you!!!

Today's Practices:
Gratitude Log
Vision Board
Placemat Process

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