The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 47 - Season 7 Ups and downs! interesting season LOL

Hello co-creators!!

Wow, as the season progress I see the mental work in order to change my reality as the most important work!

Is really challenging to see my present reality and draft an scenario where the situation and conditions are VERY VERY different. An example: Me I dream to have freedom! doing what I love, living positively and stop worrying for money and for other situations. I see NO ONE of my family or friends doing this so, as you can imagine my mentorship is only through books and myself with my divine guidance so the "battle" is hard.

I do know that Universe is with me but let me tell you, sometimes I'm sit down in the floor thinking WTF, feeling miserable with the idea that "why I'm struggling so much" and that kind of "nice" comments that comes from my beautiful ego. For some reason when you are in that moments you DO NOT think in the gratitude etc, no, your ego takes you below below and below...

I was with all this very bad energy and suddenly I was watching videos, yeah! browsing, found my fav actor Mel Gibson and say hey, want to know what is he is up to! And PONG! His rants on video hahahaha oh wow! well, at least I could see someone even more frustrated than me hahaha.. but well, for sure that day and night was not so great.

Next day, more relaxed I opened a book named "Jesus Calling" which I love because is a book of inspired messages from Jesus and he said in the message where I opened the book, that I shouldn't feel bad for my feelings because I'm a human being! That sometimes outside situations affect us and is normal, but as a message was to remember that He was with and through me, and all made sense!  

I was thinking about it and I felt so right with the message, because is true, I'm a human being, and sometimes I want everything to be in my own way, and fast! I certainly must learn the word patience in this process, because I have no doubt that Universe says yes to all my requests, so my transition is not easy but I'm afraid these are the lessons I will be learning in the process!

So, life is Good! 

As gratitude, that night I wrote that I felt fav to do exercise, losing pounds! And finding new people in my life as friends! :D  I'm to go to a spiritual centre called "Unity". I'm so happy reading Catherine Ponder that I'm looking for a church where she is, I found one, let's see how it goes, meantime many ideas come to my business!!

Life is Good! Life is God!

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