The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 48 Accepting people for who they are: HOW?

K, so, I just want to snap myself out of perhaps an illusion: that everything revolves around me! I snapped this person yesterday for not being with me when I wanted to talk. And....this person happens to be an extremely good human being, a good friend, even if we can't always be in touch, u know talk when u want to. But at the end of it, know that I will do whatever for this person when required. And looking at the past, oh my God! I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am for him. How much has he done for me? He sure is God send....I don't know how to apologise to him.... U know some ppl don't like to get too close and like being teated too nicely.. ;) , he is one of them! Now, I really really want to do something for him in a subtle way.

Why can't we just accept people the way they are....Why is it so difficult!? I have become better then before in this aspect and I do respect people's opinions knowing all of us have different experiences in life. But still....sometimes....u just forget it!

Anyways, I don't know if through my blog out here, sharing it with you guys would make me feel better.....I am sorry about it and praying we still would be great friends!

But before all that, I had an amazing dinner party last night! It was beautiful, yet, one of the incidents brought back some old memories.... Ha! Looking at it now....How amazing yet strange at the same time....How far I have come!!! M so proud of myself at times for just knowing I was able to make it through a particular situation that literally ruined my life! But I am a better person now! I surely am......

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