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DAy 48 season 3 changing of the tides?


Today I was just thinking about all that i hear from abraham hicks ( they talk about this..but not as much as i would like) and others who talk about "the other side of the wave" or the " other side of the coin" as in..i pray and ask and manifest all this great good that is coming my way and has been arriving forever.. how i work to get deeper and deeper involved with learning about and creating my true and highest potential for manifesting love and harmony thru my life this time around, for me and all beings on this planet... as i do so, i see some AMAZING changes in my life..too many to count and mention now..but really i have seen some amazing changes happen as i grow to believe more and more in the abundance of the universe i see it all happening to me, and around me!!  as this happens..old things have to go that got in the way...and here i am almost on day 50 of my 3 season and i keep leaning and my belief grows deeper and deeper and io receive things more and more and become actually closer to relation to the universe and my guides at all times....( gosh i am gushing about this and not sure if i am even close to my point, hard when you are talking about development of the non physical) anyways...i just really really feel that me and universe have a better relationship than we have ever had in the past, we have closer communication, better understanding etc. ( as if we were good friends, but we are the BEST of friends now that i am learning the rules to the game more and more...will i ever understand and conceptualize all the opportunities that i have to expand in this, expand in love?? this may be my lifes purpose) ANYWAYS>>><my point that i am TRYING To make here, is as things dig deeper, other THINGS come up...that may have been BLOCKING things from going deeper in this: i pray and dig deeper in myself to know my heart more, and know my lifes purpose more, to become CLOSER to my creator...MORE stuff gets moved out of the way...same as if i was cleaning the basements...not gonna get to the back wall unless i move some boxes....but in my emotional and spiritual case...some of these " boxes" are filled with heart ache, dark memories, broken promises, and other sad stories.... here I am learning about what i believe can be called...the other side of the I grow and grown more and more...and more prayers are answered regarding what i am here to do and say, where am i to go? how can i be when you need me to be universe? what is my heart saying if i give time to let it be heard? these old boxes need to be moved to OPEN up the SPACE and allow new love and light in to that side of the wave is refreshing new movement of love and devotion, and harmony so good i must have imagined it...and the other side is pain, hurt and all the things i buried so i wouldn’t feel anything...good or if i want to the good i gotta deal with the "bad" ( or uncomfortable id rather say) I am sooooooooooo lucky that this late in the game i am not thrown totally off course by these " old boxes" that can block the entrance to whole new ROOMS of light and love, acceptance, faith and harmony....but i do not enjoy them either....i am learning to give these old boxes to the universe to do with them as the universe sees fit. I can be aware of them..know why they are coming awar that they have blocked my progress thus far, be thankful that they are now in the universes hands, not my own, and remained OPEN remain in harmony with love and purpose. give any pain to the god, and the joy is mine :) that is my focus. ALLL THE NEW SPACE that is for harmony and love....thank god for those old boxes..because they are the doorway to soooo much love and bliss from this universe...happy to be me!!! Thankful to be co creating with all of you!! 



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Comment by Steffie Kay on January 26, 2012 at 3:52am

thank your so much for comment...its always so nice to hear that we all really do experince the same things in this process...we are so much more similar than different :) thank you Mona

Comment by Mona on January 23, 2012 at 2:53pm

wow! very insightful indeed... many times we think we're not getting anywhere along our practice because the old thought forms and habits come back to revisit, but instead of getting caught in them we must pass through them and not allow them to grab a hold of our current day reality. They are just passing by while we go back to source, while we return to who we really are... thank you for this insight. :)

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