The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My goals for this season:

1. Weigh in the 110's to low 120's~ down three pounds 131.8 :)
2. 52 week money challenge ~ made my deposit this week
3. Fly my house to peace and tranquility~ decluttered my kitchen top to bottom
4. Give daily in some way to others daily~ goodwill, charity, kids...
5. Cook and Bake for my Family Make Meal Times Special~ made a turkey dinner and cupcakes :)
6. Use Cozi to keep my life organized~ wow i love this app I dont know how I did without it so productive
7.Run a triathalon~ June is my goal
8.Run 6 or more races in this series training for reddeer full
9. Make the last month of my job fun fun fun~had a fun day taking L. to library program
10. 1 second a day what inspires me in some way. Do it in afew seconds or less a day. ~ this is quick and so much fun


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