The 100 Day Reality Challenge

OK... so I'm starting my blog a little late. I'm on Day 5 (Season 1), and this is my first blog post. Why? Because I've been very busy trying to take the first steps toward reaching my goals! :-)

I started my novel over the weekend. Its difficult to find time and a quiet space, but I'm doing what I can. I wrote the first five pages (single-spaced in regular font, just to give an idea how much writing that is). That includes the oh-so-catchy intro and part of Chapter 1. Its the rough draft. I read (in one of the "inspiring" books that I'm reading as one of my practices) that Stephen King aims to write 10 pages per day (to give proper credit, I was paraphrasing from Stephen King's On Writing). Now, I don't think at this point I can write 10 pages per day given that I'm NOT a full time writer, but I do home to write more than 5 pages per weekend. My goal is 100 pages in 100 days. I'm actually hoping to write about 20 pages per week, but as this is my first novel, I also wanted to allow for research and character development, etc... so I thought 7 pages per week (which would make 100 pages in 100 days) would keep me from beating myself up if I don't reach 20 pages each week. In addition to the small amount of writing I did this weekend, I did quite about of thinking, taking notes about my characters, plot, and facts I want to include, etc. So there really was more time invested in starting this novel. And I'm so excited! As I sat there typing, I thought "Yes! This feels like its EXACTLY what I should be doing with my time", and I had so much fun! I can't wait for the opportunity to write more. I'm actually planning to design a book cover, complete with a synopsis and photo/bio of the author (this was suggested by a brilliant friend).

I still need to start on the weight loss, and I'm currently working on making my 3 new friends. I did some journaling this weekend, and plan to start working the meditation in there. Also received my copy of Lilou's book yesterday, so I look forward to reading that.

I'll post again tomorrow!!

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Comment by Amanda Konnik on June 30, 2009 at 3:08pm
That's awesome! I am also writing... two, and understand where you're at. I wrote my first novel 4 years ago and got it edited only to learn about the importance of research and planning. Wish you the best of luck, can't wait to see how it all goes.

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