The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 4 - Season 4 - A slip up but still strong intentions

Friday was very hectic running around helping some friends move, I think spirit was giving me practice for our moves coming up.  My partner got confirmation of a house acceptance, which is good but at the moment it will be her and the kids or perhaps her and we sharing kids.

In the day/evening I was really craving a drink, specially being Friday, but I resisted.  I went to the pub in the night and had a soda water with slice of lemon....  Then I got bought a wine, which I had and immediately wanted more so when I got home I had approx 2 pints of strong cider, then stopped and went to bed, there was still drink remaining so I controlled myself well.  I slept well and felt OK, maybe a little groggy but OK when I woke up.  

Yeah it was a minor slip-up but my intention to quit is still very strong.  I went 5 days without booze which was good and I'm not drinking today so I feel I'm progressing...


Day 1 for no drink. :) 


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