The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Am getting sick of this, lately my indoor soccer team has had no players and i have been having to pay for the missing people as it is quite rude to ask the others to fork out 20-25 after a usual 10-15 dollar week!

some i cant get hold of, others tell me half an hour before hand!

again tonight will be the same, i will be short players and most likely lose again! but keeping things positive let's hope it turns out well!

on another note, work was terrible, easy but just idiots at work trying to tell you what to do and can't mind their own business.....EVER, you tell them to and they dont listen, but that is on a weekly basis when they want to be bitches!

however this weekend will be my first night of drinking in over a month where i get to help my friend celebrate her 21st! a 1920's themed party....however am fearing that cold cold night ahead!

For some stupid reason......the temperature has gone from 14 degrees (Celsius for those in countries who don't know how to use the current metric system) to 3-4 degrees!! it is shocking, and not helping with the early starts.

Right now it is quite warm but just can't handle it, can not wait for summer! and that is 5 months away!!

For me, tomorrow it is shopping, and getting presents and outfit for the party that night.

Will give you all an update tomorrow to let you know how that went and hopefully my excitement for the party!!

oh yes and someone did ask me before.

I am going on a Cruise, from Australia, and traveling to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and some other pacific island for 7 days.....a light holiday to experience travel outside of my country rather than a big one, but after this will be a long long trip to another country, either europe or america!

well until tomorrow all.....cya!!

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