The 100 Day Reality Challenge

so, im slowly trying to implement healthy habits into my life
two things i did this week:
1- going to the gym today for the first time in months. id like to make this into a habit :) im excited to start toning my body and feeling healthier
2- put an add on kijiji to make new friends!- it seems like since a few years back, ive really been up in the air in terms of social support. it feels like the friends i used to have arent like me anymore- im over partying, i hav different hobbies and intrests- its really been a struggle and for the past year i really havnt had anyone- my boyfriend says that i need to start surrounding myself with better people, people who have things going for them! all my friends right now either have drug issues or are depressed(like me...about the depression)

-how can i expect to improve in condition if i only surround myself with people who are depressed?!
he is totally im going to put an effort into being more 'social' i find it really helps...


-also, 6 days into my new meds...i already feel like i have more energy :)


-so above all, today i am grateful for my wonderful boyfriend and his constant support and advice- also to the fact that i have a great family who will always be there for me :)

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Comment by x on February 7, 2013 at 12:26pm

thanks! i felt really naseous so i just walked for an hour on the treadmil so its a start! hope your day at the gym goes well too. sending you good vibes :)

Comment by Xenya on February 6, 2013 at 1:53pm

Cool, that you are going to the gym! I support you with all my heart, cause tomorrow will be my first time in the gym for a long time. Want to go to the gym everyday)))). Hope, that this beginning will be extremely successful )))

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