The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 5 - Intending a good attitude today!

I was so overjoyed to start my challenge last Thursday, then seemed to fall into some kind of little funk the next day. Nothing major, but I don't want to live there! Living without the numbing effect of food is new, challenging, and good. 

Today, I set my intention to greet each situation with a smile, to make recharging a priority, even as I focus on being a good worker, getting done what I need to on my project. I intend to manifest healthy recovery today, peaceful relationships with my family, and quiet joy in every day things. I intend to manifest an attitude of gratitude too. 

In the 7 Spiritual Laws for Parents book, today is the day of Giving. So I also want to plant a seed in my heart that I can give -- my time, my love, a physical gift, grace, service, encouragement, understanding, assistance, patience, something that will bless someone else. This is where this jives so well with the idea of being of maximum service to my Higher Power and to others in recovery. To keep my recovery, I need to give it away too. 

As I'm sitting here thinking about this, it might be that this is where my funk is too. Part of my compulsion is obsessive weighing, controlling food, and other behaviors around weight. I do a weigh in once a month and I did not lose as much as I thought I should have this month. But I'm a hell of a lot less crazy! :) So that is a great thing. I need to not focus on myself and my "shoulda, coulda, woulda" attitude. I need to get out of myself and serve someone else! Hm... interesting. 

One of the other long term goals that I want to manifest is securing ongoing work for myself or my husband so that we have more financial security. We love the lifestyle we have, but we need more gigs to make it really work. So I'm planting that seed too! I guess I don't really care how it happens -- we love being able to be flexible with our work time, working from home or occasional project travel, doing projects as they come up. And we love the income we get from the work we do. We just want more. lol.

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