The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This whole visualization thing is beginning to make me both nervous and happy. Above all grateful for the things that are.

On Day 1, I wrote out my objectives and joined this website. Fuul of hope and promise.

On Day 2, I played guitar and sang a full set in front of 50 people for the first time in over 25 years and it felt amazing.

Day 3, I started working on a project that looked promising and today I realize that it could help me to fulfill all my wildest financial dreams in less than a year!

Day 4 (Last night) I found a picture and a really nice article on me and my gig written in a regional paper entitled “my snooker loopy fans”. I was the focal point for a snooker world champion, a top UK sports TV presenter and two well known celebs!!

Day 5, today I woke late panicking that something might go wrong. Instead I found I had much more money in my bank account than I thought I had, and out of the blue I met a beautiful friend in the market that said something that really made my day.

I am beginning to appreciate what God/the universe/the source – call it what you will – can provide if only I see the things that are there.

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