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Week started out slow but today was a good day. I'm working hard at trying to become more organized with my time. Last night I wrote down all the things I do that waste time (check comics, blogs, facebook etc) then decided I would only allow myself to check them once in the morning and avoid them at night. It worked well, I checked everything in the morning and in the evening after work when I had the urge to check it all again (like I normally do) I stopped myself and said no, time to do something productive. Still need to work on my time management skills but I think I'm definitely on the right track.

My other exciting moment happened last night. I was writing an email to my boyfriend, the title of the email was, "Wishing I was on a boat" and there was a short story about Gilligan's Island and the, "I'm on a boat" song (awesome video if you've never checked it out). At that moment he gets on MSN and we're chatting and he makes a comment about sailing on the wide accountant sea! I got all excited, it tickled me that he and I had the same sort of boat/sailing theme running through our minds at the same time, especially since it's such an obscure topic.

Hope everyone is having a good week with lots of positive thoughts! Love and hugs


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Comment by Mateja on August 12, 2010 at 8:07am
Hi Ashley, I guess many of us are having that kind of problem. There are sooooooooooo many things on the computer that are so fun and entertaining and before you know, you spend 2 hours. I am also cutting down my computer time. Hugs!

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