The 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 5 SEASON 3 - Creating my morning routine

I have been inspired by one of my fellow cocreators, to develop and implement a morning routine. The morning is my favourite time of day and I love waking up early, so it seems only natural to use this time in a valuable way.

Today, I woke up at 6am and this is what I did...
I lay in bed for a bout 5 minutes enjoying the warmth of my bed, listening to the birds outside and appreciating the nice feeling of where I was
I got up and made a big litre of bottle of warm water and lemon juice which I sipped on through the morning
I did some yoga asanas and some stretching for about 10 minutes
I then sat in meditation for around 10 minutes. I played a lovely yoga CD that I have and focused on opening up my heart chakra by breathing in light and breathing our love through my heart
I then made myself a big green vegetable juice with kale, cucumber, apple, lemon and celery
I sat down with my journal and sent my intentions for the day. I wrote about what I intended to feel, who I intended to be and what I intended to acheive in my day
I then wrote out a list of positive thoughts/affirmations for the day
I also started a food diary to record what I was eating through the day (as that was one of my intentions)
And finally I did some appreciation and gratitude work for all the lovely things in my life at the moment

Wow, by the end of it, I felt so good. I felt grounded and centered and calm yet positive. It is such an amazing way to start the day.As I moved through my day, I reminded myself of my intentions and practiced my affirmations. I found that starting the morning this way really shifted the way I experienced my whole day.

I went to my local market today and bought a whole heap of organic fruit and veg. I love nourishing my body with healthy foods!

Later this afternoon, I went and sat on my balcony in the sun with the intention to a write a list of all the things that were wonderful about my life at the moment. I got in to such a flow while doing this and I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I could find in my life that were wonderful. I managed to write 3 full A4 pages of things that I loved about my life NOW. Wow it felt good. I am finding that lately I have been doing a lot of writing about my desires and what I want to create, but I need to balance that by appreciating what I already have!!!

My life just feels so abundantly overflowing with love, beauty, wonderful things and joyous experiences.

I am so grateful for my life right NOW

Love and Light to you all xxxxxxxxxx

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Comment by Dana Ashlie on December 5, 2009 at 7:48pm
Thanks so much for sharing's exactly what my body has been requesting of me also... I appreciate you taking the time to share...

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