The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 5-8 Season 10 Sept 29, 2014
Not a lot is going on. Under the weather and waiting to see what blood work up tells.
Mostly been keeping with my goal of listing on line. My Etsy shop is filling up slowly but surely. I have kept with my goal of 4 items a day.
I do realize that this is not my favorite thing to do, however it needs to be done. I would much rather be in my sewing room creating instead of looking at this screen. I guess that is the creative blood running thru my veins. I have been making  a collage of the 4 items I list and posting them on my Facebook page New Social Club. I am finding it interesting that I do like the creative process of creating that collage. Hmmm...another confirmation that I am a creative person through and through.
I have spent some time looking up recipes for jams,jellies and canning. Seems we have had a lot of fruit this year. I did manage to put up 10 jars of plum jam and 10 jars of peach jam. I have a ton of
Asian Pears that I need to do something with. Not sure if I want to make jam or just can them. I did find a recipe for Asian pear ginger jam that sounds good. We will see. I must get over this cold first.
Till next time. I hope this blog finds you all in good spirits and feeling truly blessed....Jill

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