The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 50 season 3...WAY more than 1/2 way there!!!



Hi co creators...we are humans we are people that drive in traffic that avoid meter maids, that speed that look for the short line at the grocery store, that don’t always pay bills on time, that " should" call our mothers more...but yet we are also.,..miracle makers, magicians, priests, shamans, yogis, mediators, counselors, dreamers, friends, and best of all...we are CREATORS...I LOVE so much that I am such an amazing creator... i know what holds me back sometimes is fear of my own creation..can you imagine that??!! i think that may be everyone according to Jung theory if i remember correctly...but seriously!! we create our lives with grace and magic, or intention if you want...we make and we dream and we build the stories that live in our hearts and have lived there since we got here...sometimes the fear to continue building is strong...but as a creator i can remember that I am the creator, I AM THE BUILDER here....not YOU fearful scared voice, and just like I will create a cup of coffee or a parking spot, i will also create that you, fearful voice, is a BIG CRUSTY, sad broken door that was barricaded long ago...but in time, even the most hidden doorways beg to be opend...that is what i am doing, creaking and opening those old doorways....and what to do find..SPACE, raw materials to expand and expand the creation of love that this creator is putting together every day!!!!!!!!! MAN the success is friends are everywhere all the time, my life is full of material success, relationship success, laughter, music, harmony, and ever growing love...and THE BEST IS YET TO COME. more doorways to be discovered, more doors to open, the pain will only last a second, but that NEW LAND that is open for cultivation of LOVE and DREAMS is really where my creative focus is at. SOOOOOOOOOOOO blessed to have you in my life CCOR> thank you for the love :)


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