The 100 Day Reality Challenge

gotta say it things are getting better and better, this life blooms like a flower, sometimes the petals are tense and worry about opening, something i feel a tinge of with some subject today, i went to bed full of laughter and gratitude and worke up a litle shocked and terrified that my dreams are all coming true, i welcome these feelings, i can do tapping to tap them out of my body, give my slef a massage and remind my self that this is ME doing the WORK!! breaking through new levels of doubt and insecurity today!! as i out shine them! as love overcomes any negative feelinsg its grows and grows and has reason to grows and stretch as far as love can, my work shifts and my tendencies shifts...i know for 10+ years this body and brain as been addicted to pain and fear, but now i am learning to use this addiction to actualy track the growth of surpased that fear, love burried that tendency..i work today on awareness and patience with myself, go with the flow, easy does it...and then PARTY ON!!!!!! so super stoked on me and source and all the great work we do together..thanks CCOR!! XOOXOX LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE TO YOU!!! XOXO


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Comment by Kelly Campbell on July 3, 2012 at 11:11pm

Would you be interested in having a conversation about transformational life coaching that really empowers you to have everything you want in your life? I thought I would ask just because living with pain and fear is definitely something that can be transformed. Working with a coach you would just be able to (with some time) create what you want with EASE and banish pain and fear from creeping in. I know because of all of the clients I have worked with around the world and what they have created through working with me and other coaches. I am not saying that I would necessarily coach you, just talk about the possibility and huge value of having a coach work with you. Have a great day! Kelly


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