The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 52 Season 2 - Guided by the universe

Hi Co-Creators,

Well tomorrow I am back to work again and so today I really wanted to get my second assignment done for college. Evenso it took quite some time to finish it off today time just passed by and I didn't even notice how quickly :) Well anyway after I put it into the envelope to send it off I had this feeling that I should open up the envelope again and check that everything is complete with all my info. For a short second I thought " what for you already looked over it three times, sometimes you just overdo it with the double-checking" ;) but I couldn't shake off the feeling that I needed to check and so I did. Well guess what the most important piece of information was missing. Had I just sent it off like that it would not have been corrected. I istantly smiled and thanked the universe for giving me that feeling and for paying attention to it.

To top it off I got invited for a iced chocolate drink. I don't know what it is this season with free drinks but I am definitely loving it :))

For the second half of my season I am really trying to focus more on my intentions and today since I didn't go to the gym ( I overdid it a bit yesterday) I decided to think about my diet at work. So I prepared my meals for Thursday and Friday so that I don't pick up the old habit of running over to the bakery and grabbing something unhealthy. I really want to try and keep up with preparing meals ahead of time. Wish me luck on that one :)

I hope you are all having a magnificent day! Sending you all love and sunshine!!

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