The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have not been able to write a blog due to internet difficulties since about two weeks ago. I have been continuing to  use my vision board, focus on the photos, I have continued to practice gratitude and focus on the feelings that I want. I have missed being on this site however for all the obvious reasons. I am now about 1/2 done with my season 6 and I feel proud of myself in many many way....and yes, prior to this season I attracted EVERYTHING that I had dreamed of....and its true, your dreams grow along with you. I know what is coming to me a living in a peaceful quite place with my dog and my family, working on healing crafts like LCSW hours, acupuncture, reiki, and a line of natural products...etc ( my dreams go to the moon and back). I see that we are finically free and feel and are extremely abundant in everyway...we enjoy lots of celebrations all the time!  I feel that the universe supports me and my family 100%.    Currently, I work for hospice, and like my patients...I find my self in both worlds right now. This world and the next...or for me...the next PHASE of this LIFE.   I accept and I will tell you  that today I feel pretty anxious and on edge..and I think this is way. despite all the wonderful things that have presented themselves to me...because...someone like me has a hard time allowing the manager, the universe set the:  who what why and the when.  I am used to setting up everything for everyone....and for me to not have a clear plan irritates me several levels....( I am writing this to you...from the gym...where there is internet. I felt this irritation this morning and I went to do some physical exercises and some yoga....that has take the edge off)

So now...what I see is next for me is using the MANY ingredients to consider the recipe for the next phase of my life....and soothing my anxiety during this unknown time;

Ingredient one:

I need to cut ties with my work at the hospital. It is no longer working for me or for my health. It is bad for me.

I can go to Chinese Medicine School and live off of 500 dollars a month.  ( where would I live?) this s a huge undertaking. I was so excited yesterday when I went and met the staff..but this is a big expensive choice...what if I get tired of studying? IT is 4.5 years and I would have a doctorate...and I would create my own niche

I can do the classes for real estate license and prep  and awesome fun side gig.

I can set up some kind of retreat space at my  grandparents house in the mountains, but this will take money. But I LOVE To be there.

I really should get my LCSW hours done eventfully, I feel minimal passion for this but my brain says it should be done to help me later on.

---WOW I have to say in just 2 minutes, writing that out really helps. My gut is telling me to get out of the hospital ASAP,( but on good terms so I can connect with someone when I am done with acupuncture...that will be tricky..)

and start both side gigs..but the truth is I am SCARED...and everything seems to have so many details to consider. I need to release much of this to the universe but it feels hard.

OK...well that's my scoop. Love you guys. Lets see how the my next 1/2 of my challenge works out. IM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YOU ROCK THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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