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man this has flown by so fast! i been having really good days lately! i have adjusted to hubby working nights now and really enjoy my time after the kids go to bed. i've been watching old reruns of some of my favorite shows and i'm been working on my fiction novel! i never thought i would be one to write a fiction story, but i must say, it's just flowing like a river out of my brain! just when i sit here and think that i'm not really in the mood to write, i will reread it (it's now 17 pages single spaced!) and then i start writing and it just comes so easily! i am totally not being organized or writing from an outline and i don't even really know where my story's going, but the words and characters just come to me! one bad thing i have been doing though is staying up really late and not getting enough sleep. i guess that's how creative people work though, huh? when it's stirring around in my brain, whether it's been this book or sewing projects or anything else, i can't rest until i get it out! i can't wait to see where it's going from here!!!

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Comment by Mia Ferrer on August 10, 2010 at 10:10pm
You are a creative Goddess! Go you!

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