The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wow, so much change has occurred since I set my Intention to fight for my space... I had an Open House at my yoga studio!!!! It was successful in that the space wasn't officially emptied and clean until the moment the Open House started, so it is actually better that most of the people who showed up were personal friends and not potential clients from the neighborhood. Now I can have another Open House, be more prepared, and give my all promoting it (I sort of half-ass promoted it bc I wasn't 100% confident the space would be ready, which it wasn't, so I made the right choice!)

My mind is swimming with ideas for events--- book club, full moon meditation/practice, couples yoga, barre classes, etc. Also, I have a friend interested in renting out the space and perhaps there will be more of that in the future. So excited to explore these ideas, now that I have the space.

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