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What is the red donut? When I first heard of this concept I asked myself the same question. As it turns out this seemingly comical concept of a red donut is actually very intuitive and enlightening once explained.

In the previous video I posted “Intro to Non-Dualism” Philip illustrated for us our higher self or god-self by using words such as peaceful, loving, joyful, truth and omnipotent. Those words represent who we truly are outside of our ego.

Our ego a.k.a. the red donut is represented by words like desire, anxiety, loneliness and regret. Philip then goes on to explain that the words highlighted in red are illusions and they all have to do with the past or the future. These
illusions like shame, addiction and suffering are created by our minds via the supporting structure of the ego.

The truth of the matter is there is no such thing as pity, hurt, control or envy. All of these emotions are of the past or future, they have nothing to do with the present moment. In-all-reality… our true self resides in the present moment. In order for us to feel regret for example we have to reference the past, we have to actually choose to remember what happened in the past in order to feel the emotion of regret or jealousy.

Imagine if we could keep our minds in the moment and not think about or reference the past. If we stayed in the moment none of these illusory emotions or feelings would arise.

Our true self is unmovable, eternal and complete, we are unconditional love. Sometime you touch this god-self when you’re in extreme states of joy, a baby being born or falling in love for example. Think about the last time you felt true joy, there wasn’t any worry about the past or future, when you’re in joy (enjoy) or “with spirit” you are completely in the moment.

The red donut is all of those false illusory emotions that surround us and block us from our true god-self (love, happiness, joy). Again if you were always in the moment you wouldn’t feel regret, panic or the need to control.

The good news however is that the LOVE doesn’t go anywhere, it’s who we are and will always be. We might not always feel like it but that’s only because we’re disconnected (or so
it seems). Sometimes it seem terribly real whatever it is we’re going
through in life but look at it closely and examine it thoroughly.

Who do you think you are at your core?

You and I can’t possibly be any of those things like anxiety, envy, unease, guilt or apprehension… we are so much more than that. If at some point you’re feeling those emotions just remember it’s because your NOT IN THE MOMENT you’re thinking about the past or about the future.

If we want to realize our true nature (LOVE) then we must remember to not referece our past experiences because the past has NOTHING to do with our true self.

Our true self isn’t of the past or in the future we are eternally right now and always have been! I think Richard Alpert a.k.a. Ram Dass said it best with his book titled… “Be Here Now“.

Watch the video at the beginning of the post, enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Comment by Nadjah on April 23, 2010 at 8:43am
Beautiful post!! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! : )

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