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First Day of Spring, my new mantra, Gratitude

HAPPY SPRING!!! :))) The irony is that the (hopefully) last snow storm of the season is taking place outside right now! March has always been my least favorite month because one day will be gorgeous, warm and sunny and I dare to start planning and imagining my garden and all my warm weather activities... then there will be a cold snap with snow and ice, and I'm back to feeling frustrated and depressed. I'm OK with the fact that I choose to be depressed at the end of the winter when the weather is freezing, snowy, and windy. And I choose to be elated and thrilled when it's warm, sunny, and dry. Sometimes the juxtaposition of these two emotions is what makes me feel alive! The elation and joy wouldn't be as intense without the depression and frustration... So I can give myself permission to feel these negative feelings at the end of winter, knowing that the resulting joy will be incomparable! 

My new mantra is "Now Here or Nowhere!" Funny how the only difference between the two is a little space :^) It popped into my head once when I was *trying* to listen to an audiobook about Prosperity and the chatter-box (the Bad Wolf) inside my head just would not shut-up, running the past over and over again in my mind. Inside my head, my Mindful Self (the Good Wolf) shouted at the chatter-box "Now Here or Nowhere!" then I became mindful of my breath. NOW whenEVER I notice the chatter-box trying to take over my attention, my Mindful Self shouts "Now Here or Nowhere!" at the chatter-box and then my Mindful Self follows my breath into the Here and Now and I allow myself to be at Ease :)) 

So very grateful for music, Poppy, Mom & Dad, the generosity of my parents, my bro, sis-in-law, and my baby niece, my home, my car, yoga, my health, all of my jobs, gigs, opportunities, the Abundance of the Universe, thankful to have lots of options, and thankful for the freedom to do whatever I set my heart on.  I'm especially thankful that money is no object. I can spend my money freely because it comes freely to me. Easy come, easy go. I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantity, from multiple sources on a continuous basis.

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