The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well..., I did it..I quit my job and I will tell you it feels SOOOOO GOOOD!!! And I know that the universe totally supports this move in every single way, the apartment where we are sub leasing for crazy cheap rent....the owner said there is a chance she might ask us to stay until December!! WHOO HOOO...more super cheap rent!!! more support for my alignment with myself and the universe as a as you know I have like, 1 billion ideas I would like to pursue to fill my time with creative and lucrative pursuits...already started writing...I feel that now is my time to write  a little book supporting holistic health care..started on that.  I have another month or so of work...but I already feel so much in the down hill flow that I know with my strong mind and heart I can use this time to work with the fire that the old job brings up in me to kinda jump start these pursuits. YEAH!!!!! IM SO EXCITED this is an aweeeeeeeeesooommmmmmmmeeeeee time. HAVE A WONDEREFUL DAY CO CREATORS!!!

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Comment by Chrystyna on June 13, 2015 at 10:09pm

Sounds like an amazing time in your life!  Happy for ya!

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