The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 59 - Choosing Happiness Over All Else

Hi Everyone :)

I have had some amazing creations yesterday. It was my first day back to work after my bike accident and the surgery. The doctors gave me until the 3-01-15 off work but I followed my intuition and my values and came back when I thought appropriate. My current job doesnt align with who I am or my beliefs on environmentsl protection... I work in the oil industry... so its pretty far away from being eco-friendly and loving to the world. However, when I start this challenge I put an intention out there to a create a job that was closer to who I am and what I believe... I had forgot about with all the doctor stuff around my wrist... but then as the universe works - ask and it is given - everyone knows my passion for the environment, because I live it everyday - so yesterday my boss told me that the company will be moving into eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable enginnering work to make the oil drilling more eco-friendly. Its still oil... but its helping an industry that will always be there become more ebvironmentally aware. :) AWESOME CREATION.

Then I also recieved extra money - full salary for my month trip back home to Australia :) Originallt I was going leave without pay. My affirmation is: "Abundance surrounds me. Money flows easily to me in unexpected ways." And it is true :)

The only change I had made from Sundau to Monday was choosing to be happy.... no matter what :)

love and light to yo all


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Comment by Susan on October 30, 2014 at 8:39pm

That is such wonderful news!  Congratulations on everything!  So glad you are feeling better.  :)

Comment by Mel on October 29, 2014 at 6:30am

Hi thanks for the comments :)

I am still looking for another job at the same time and sending it out to attract one I'm am proud to go to everyday :) When we work 'full-time' as society has groomed us to do, up until now... we all deserve to work in a job that makes our hearts sing loudly... otherwise it is a lot of hours spent doing something that is not you :) xx

Comment by NATURE LOVER on October 28, 2014 at 2:03pm

Hi !  

           You're not alone cause I know how hard it can be for the counsciousness when you're eco-friendly and  working for a company who are not in complete  alignment with environment !

I have worked three years for a christmas tree company as fir cutter ,   and I was sick and tired to see the grasshopper dead on the top of the fir  after each round of chimical spreading !  So , I decided to quit this job !

I'm not trying to influence you , cause maybe your company will change for the best ... i dont know !

But I'm sure that we gonna start to feel better once we will succeed to attract a job about good cause !   cause I,m still looking for that too !  

I wish you the best and have a wonderful day !

Comment by Roos on October 28, 2014 at 4:35am

Yes it is very powerful stuff !

:) Keep affirming and it will manifest soon enough ^^ They do say align your actions with your being. So if you want to be nature friendly and your job doesnt offer so, perhaps its time to move on. 

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