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 so weird...i was almost done writing my blog when my computer turned off and updated itself...when it turned back on my Word Document program was gone...  :(    and the screen saver is different..maybe my computer is haunted. i dunno...anyways i was totally crying my my beer here so i guess its ok that my long rant has disapeard in to internet space..what can i say. i am forever confused about me, this world and all the whys and hows, not to mention i am sick of thinking about it all.....i kno peace is just around the corner, but even as i write it i know i am both afraid it will, and it will not come. i have been in this house for 1.5 weeks, love it! been at the job full tim just over a month ( moved 3 times ish since starting this job) as of this molment with all the stuff over and over again i feel like i sometimes live in a washing machine on the spin cycle...i walk twords patience. i know that during this time i tend to want to eat and smoke cigs...and the nachos...OMG! patience, sincerity, honesty, compassion, trustworthyness,,all tools right now


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Comment by Steffie Kay on July 4, 2011 at 12:03pm

i know you guys are named it david. impatient. thanks for helping me see what i could not.


Comment by Steffie Kay on July 4, 2011 at 12:00pm

thank you so much jilly :'") i think i needed to hear that. alot.

Comment by Jill on June 30, 2011 at 1:31pm

You made me giggle at the "OMG Nachos".

Stef....this awakening thing is something we all will go through. It is a dna thing that is happening to all of us. You can't escape it. Just go with the flow...chill out and do the best you can. All will align itself.

Your job is to pay attention. Can you do that attention?

What I mean by that is Pay attention to what the Universe is aligning up in your favor. Also pay attention to your intuition. Your intuition is your soul trying to guide you in the right direction for the greater good.

In doing this, every time you see with your senses something that aligned perfectly, bless it and be grateful that you noticed it and be glad and grateful for the gift the Universe has delivered. Weather it be a small alignment or big grateful. Be grateful that the washing machine on spin didn't spit you out into the street with out a roof over your head. Lay on your living room floor and look at the ceiling and be grateful its there to shelter you.

Peace is right here, right now, and is permanent. Permanent Peace is not in the OMG Nachos...giggle.

You see the difference. The OMG Nachos is a temporary thing. It is a feel good thing for a few minutes of your time. The Peace you seek...that your soul seeks and wants you to realize, is a permanent kind of peace. The permanent kind of peace is ruled by the Universe coming from a place of Love and Joy. Its a peace that leaves you in a sea of love and joy no mater what the circumstances. Its the kind of peace that you will have when spinning around in a washing machine, knowing that the outcome of the spin will be for the greater good for Stef.

You are here to experience stuff...the undesireable stuff is sometimes the most important. Its because there is a lesson to be learned. Most times that lesson is to clear some karmic debt you have. If you dont pay attention and dont learn the lesson...the Universe will deliver the lesson over and over again till you


Love and Light to you my friend, Jilly

P.S. I'm with David ...those nachos are making me that avacado on top...dang!

Comment by Shaman Kanowa on June 30, 2011 at 11:00am
time to relax and find out what is causing you to be so impatient! BTW those nachos look so good you are making me hungry.


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