The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My first proper entry.. inspired by Jay L. nice one Jay!!

When I say day 6 its just after 5am, so i've had five days of focusing on my desires... Jez I didn't realise how negative my thoughts were until just 5 days ago, and it was on the 5th day that I felt I'd any kind of a handle on it... Isn't improvement GRRREEAATT!!!

I'm recognising too a feeling of resistance to allowing and receiving, but with my focused attention I'll sort that too..

I'm getting stuck into my affirmations, and meditations, I'm making time for videos on YouTube and time for this site as well... I'm determined to feel better, be better, live better and give my family my very best so that they can then feel, be and live better...

Over the last few days one of the biggest things I have noticed change is my love and patience for my kids, something that would be hit and miss before, now my heart is beaming with love and patience for them constantly.. Thank God :o)

I'm delighted with how much I got out here heehee, I'm better at this than I thought

I'll check in again soon with even more improvements and please God a lovely new car to tell you all about xx

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Comment by Jackie Burns on October 6, 2010 at 5:41pm
Hey Leli, I have all 13 videos of Excuses Begone on a playlist, I'm going to lie back, put my headphones on, and take it all in, Thanks for your message x, I really do need to shake off all excuses :o)
Ireland is a beautiful country, have you any intentions on coming back to visit??
Comment by Lesli Olsson on October 6, 2010 at 2:00pm
Hiya Jackie,
If you are determined in feel bether you willl!!! I lived 1yr in Ireland (amazing and lovley contry) miss it. :-)
I recomend you watch Excuses Begone, from Dr. Wayne Dyer (his amazing).I loved all his videos and books.
Hope you like it:

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