The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I wrote out my vision as I could see it March 10, 2013 and as I have noticed a lot lately it is manifesting at warp speed. It was not an unreasonable list by any stretch but its only been two days since I wrote it and poof..its all coming at me. Now I should put in the request: A little slower please! lol

One thing I wrote out was "My house runs smoothly. It is well organized and clean. The baby is in daycare 2 days a week" etc...

Well the department of human services showed up yesterday out of the blue because the case was kicked back from PA. Evidently they tracked down the baby's parents to check if they were using drugs while they had custody of the baby and they pointed them here saying that the baby was staying with me. Yay! So now the person who has never been in any trouble (me!) has DHS breathing down my throat. They were quite nice but made it clear that I have to have the legal papers done (which I was working on anyhow) and the baby must be in school. (one of the things I was working on manifesting lol) Not to mention that if they are showing up here randomly then the house must be in order at all times....Hmmm. I have a family that drops their shoes and coats and musical instruments wherever they want. I have to constantly be on my son about the trash..blah blah. Typical family. WELL...DHS actually helps my cause! Thanks U!!! Now I can say "Do you want DHS to show up here and see that trash?" or "WHAT if DHS shows up and sees your stuff laying around a messy house?" That pretty much gets them moving.

Although I do want the baby in school I find it fascinating that they are mandating it,  considering he is 3. I am not a huge proponent of schools in the US. I understand Finland is doing quite well though! Maybe I should put "move to Finland" on my list? hahahaha..

My husband, out of the blue, called about having the driveway expanded. One of the things on my list since we also have the township giving us trouble about parking on the street. I can be quite a rebel and I'm just wondering how, suddenly, I am finding myself having to give in to so many rules and regs set up by people who feel it is their duty to police the smallest details. I must be learning something!!! Probably tolerance and compliance. Possibly learning to choose my battles wisely.

On a happy note I started browsing the Alice in Wonderland idea and found (see? Instant manifesting around here!) chess pieces!! They are ceramic chess pieces that i can put string on and hang here and there in trees. Its not a complete set but the rabbits are the pawns so I will have enough of them to make a wind chime out of it.

So all in all, taking the good with the bad, I may only need 15 days to complete the whole 100 day challenge haha!!! Lesson learned! Always state the dates you would like to have something completed. It seems time is collapsing and things are manifest at warp speed these days!

Hope you all are having a FABULOUS week....

We truly are a bunch of manifesting Gods in Bods!!



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