The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, i apologise that i missed yesterday but it was a very busy day that after shopping for gifts and outfit it was time to get ready and leave!!

So this will be a 2 day in 1 blog.

So, saturday was a very busy day and for the first time in my life i spent nearly 4 hours at the shopping center looking for clothes and gifts etc.....a horrible thing but was time consuming and hard to find gifts to certain people!!

in the end i managed to get everything but let me tell you this theme was annoying, it took me ages to find braces and had took even longer to work out how to put them on.....after some help from google i worked it out and was up and ready to go crazy at the party...

the party in itself was a crazy night, fun, lots of drinking which i hadn't done in over a month and lots of catching up and of course.....bull s**t drama!!

I tell you we are all adults here and people just think it must be all about them and have to act like little kids when it isnt even their own party!!

ended up living it up and never got to sleep until around 4am.....crazy!! but worth it!

and today, well not much can be said for today but......hung over!!

5 hours sleep then nothing all day but moping around in tiredness and eating greasy food!!

and right now we are here, at 7pm ready for bed to go to work the next day!!

and for day 7, it wasnt that eventful at all!

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