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Last night I woke up at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep. I felt I was downloading a lot of info. Among the information I received, I got the idea of designing a Rune casting to discover what the "gift" of any situation is, especially, when the actual gift comes disguised as something less than pleasant. It also became very clear to me that the first person to test this casting was myself: I should go on and discover what the gift of having so little and slow flow of income for so long.

So, at about 3 pm, I lit on my favorite candle, grabbed my bag of runes and did the reading. I actually wrote down much of the info coming down to me so that I don't forget. It was AMAZING! Really grat and enlightening. So, I'm open now to allow the perfect people to beta test this for a very reduced fee to show up until I've done it enough times so as to charge full price for it.

Apart from that, the book is really pushing to come out! Today I tokk all the notes from the TAE 2012 and started doing some excersices previous to starting the actual writing of the book. I even wrote the first draft of the back cover. Plus, Christine Kloser is launching a free video series that will surely help, and I went really out of my comfort zone and asked her if she would gift me a proposal template since I don't have the money to enter this year's TAE Contest. We'll see, but it's always a "no" if you don't ask, right?

All in all, a very productive day. Too tired to tape a video and upload it. I hope to register in video the next time!

Thanks for reading me and for your support! Lots of support going back your way...!!!

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