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What a whirlwind the past day has been. Our show had a second performance but before the show as friend of mine texted me that he saw a piece about the play in the national paper. I ran to the closest gas station and purchased it and there is was, the theatre critics pick for the week! What a huge and amazing surprise.My intentions are to keep the flow of abundance coming. Knowing that this is the direction I can go because I love it, its fun, its where I have passion -hey I said it, looking for something that I can be passionate about, ofcourse it has always been right in front of my eyes. Getting that piece in the National Globe and Mail paper was a real affirmation for me that is has legs to stand on for sure. 

We have one more show tonight, then we are performing in Seattle in Sept. I put out that I would like to be invited somewhere and paid well for this performance. I would like to continue in the forward movement of the success of the piece, changing peoples lives and perspectives around the world. We had a young man from Switzerland who was at the show yesterday who loved it! He stayed to talk to me later and tell me so. Spreading to Europe! Spreading to the States, spreading outside Vancouver. So exciting.

I open my  heart to love. I open myself to my intuition which is telling me things all the time. Yesterday I was told that I will get a call to have this play optioned for a film. I spoke to my partner a bit about what I was going to say when that call came in. How much was I going to ask for? What is my response? After the show yesterday, the executive director of the festival we are in came up to us and said "This should be made into a movie!" how LOA is that?

I know it will perform in London and do very well. That is going to be a blast. I am open to however that happens, as I have no idea.

Yesterday I really had a very strong feeling that this is going to be something bigger than the both of us ever imagined, although we are imagining BIG.

Touring, made into a move, the book is a success, translated into many languages, book touring, theatre touring.

Let it flow, flow, flow.

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Comment by Athena on July 28, 2013 at 4:16pm

How wonderful!

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