The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What a relief! Maybe it was necessary to let go my teacher job at the language school. There I wasn´t happy, not at all. Everytime I carry unsatifaction with me. Everytime I reflect it to others. Why I´m thinking it is a mistake have sent my termination?

It´s a start to a better life. New doors are waiting to be open by me. I want to start my own German language school. I don´t know, where about to start, but I find a way.

Last week was intense. Yesterday I had a breakthrough. On the other side I feel lighter again. Today I feel better. With each day I listen to my inner voice. I realised how easy it can be following the own intuition. Sometimes it´s hard, when the thoughts spinning around. Then I step back and observe, what is happening now?

I feel stronger. My heart is happy.

Have a wonderful time filled with lots of love.

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