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New ritual: my morning "pep talk".

So after days of meteorologist fear-mongering, I awoke early yesterday morning after an over-night "historical blizzard." I had to be at my cashier job early, so I knew I had to get motivated, because I needed to shovel my property and my elderly neighbor's property, as well (part of my generosity challenge). I was sort of procrastinating in the warm comfort of my bed, enjoying stinky doggy snuggles with my pit bull boyfriend, so I stated out loud: "It's a new day. I'm getting up and shoveling like I've never shoveled before. LET'S DO THIS!!!" Then I bounced out of bed with a vigor I have never experienced. Well, the meteorologists got it all wrong and there wasn't the major shoveling I anticipated, but I learned something: Out loud pep talks are a HELLUVA a way to start the morning! I was able to carry that same vigor with me throughout the rest of the day. So..... this AM, and every AM, I will give myself an out loud pep talk to start the day!

Have a wonderful day of manifesting joy and love, my beautiful co-creators! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!

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Comment by Let there be Light on January 28, 2015 at 12:01pm

Hey Jen!

It's important not only to get motivated, but to stay motivated and I think this is a great practice to keep you on track! Great tip!



Comment by NATURE LOVER on January 28, 2015 at 11:00am

Hi Jenifer !

                     I'm glad for you that the meteorologists got it all wrong so the storm wasn't like expected ! 

Pretty good way  to start the day about what you've done !   Congratulation !

Have a wonderful day !

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