The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello, all! 

Today is day six for me. I'm feeling really good. Really strong and positive. My mantra is "I can do anything." I'm feeling really healthy and happy and I spent today in the sunshine powerwashing and scraping the paint from the outside of my house in preparation to paint it. I'm really happy about it and I feel really productive. I also took some time for myself today and my love bought me some ice cream. Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core is the best!!!!

I am happy and strong and confident. Tomorrow I have to take care of some administrative things and then I'll be free and clear to study and maybe run and do some yoga.

I am grateful for:

My teeth--it's been nearly a year since i had my braces put on and they're looking great!

My friends and family!

Travel experiences.

Getting three articles published, plus the intro to a book, all in one month.

My health.

Overall happiness and well-being.

I am manifesting:

Driving a cute new car.

Getting an A+ in my anatomy class/One step closer to acceptance into nursing school.

More publication opportunities.

Increased wealth and abundance.

Making new friends.

Wishing you love and abundance! 

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