The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Half way through the season and I can say THANK YOU! 

Goals, Opportunities, and Decisions have changed or so they will. 

I'm on such a vibrational high. All the possibilities, opportunities, and goals I want to accomplish makes me so much happy that everything that I have possibly visualized 2 yrs ago has been or are starting to come true. Some things you go after in order to experience it while others you have no control of what your experience is going to be. 

Slowly but surely making changes within myself. Noticing how certain people affect me and make me fall back into my comfort zone. Realizing when I challenge myself, I also challenge my whole perception and reality. Its also a test in my faith. 

I'm starting realize my worth and what it is that I deserve. So I'm expanding myself, my career, and income. I am looking for ways to bring in multiple sources of income, enjoy what it is that I do. I don't mind working outside the home, but eventually I want to be self-sufficient when it comes to income, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and energy. These goals will eventually help me for the future, but the little steps I make now will get me one step closer to accomplishing my goals. 

In 5 years:

  • Debt Free 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Graduated from Makeup School 

In 10 years:

  • Homeowner
  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur


  • Get a Job ✔ ~ Update: Look for work in clerical
  • Get a pre-paid card for my direct deposits for my paychecks. ✔
  • Sign up for & figure out where my money is going ✔
  • Open interest-baring checking and savings accounts - Check out different types, rates, and minimal balances
  • File Taxes
  • Dr Appointments (Set appointments for July)
  • Work on debt. Budgeting repayment on debt. Refer to credit report. (5 year goal to be debt free)
  • Driver's License
  • Sign up for Living Beyond Organic Mission Marketer $50 - Business Opportunity
  • Sign up for Amway Business Opportunity - $200 
  • Marketing / Expanding Blog / Online Store 
  • Listen to my body & learn to say no .
  • Quit smoking & use techniques to curve cravings .
  • Running 6/days wk , Strength Training 3/days wk, Yoga 5/days wk 
  • Learn more about becoming Vegan/Raw food 50-80% . 
  • Learn about self , loving self , and accepting self so I can be a better Goddess/Queen ~ Heal Thyself 


  • To continue to express myself in a compassionate way .
  • To challenge myself to be outside of my comfort zone. 
  • When I'm feeling uncomfortable when it comes to expressing myself, to say what's on my mind without any expectations .

I don't expect to get all this done in the next 40 days. If I do, then that allows me to focus on bigger things for Season 13! :) The lesson of detachment has been very helpful and has allowed me not to give out my power/control to another person, place, thing, etc. I have allow my circumstances to flow and each day brings a manifestation/blessing/miracle and it has allowed me to appreciate the ride! 

Each day that I learn more about self, remembering past experiences and the person I am now and where I am now has allowed me to understand my purpose and who I truly am. I'm right where I'm suppose to be and I love it! 



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