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Okay. Here it is Day 60 and man am I just amazed at the power of the loa. Now....until today... I have been going through this exercise that looked a little like this - "I feel sad...what makes you feel 'un-sad'?....well thinking about a sunny summer day makes me feel 'un-sad'. Okay...hold onto that sunny summer day feeling and go through the day....turning each situation you find to be disharmonious into one that is harmonious. That is what I understood the law of attraction to be. Make myself feel good all the time and I will draw good stuff into my life.

Well....that did sort of work. I started feeling better about my job. And wouldn't you know it....I walk in to the room and have great chats with everyone in the morning....we just sort of 'click'. One individual who I have some challenges interacting with....NEVER answers the phone when I call in anymore. He is NEVER there when I stop in (lunch / errand etc). I have not had only very very MINOR dealings with this person. My truck is ALWAYS available and ALWAYS runs in top condition. Traffic has changed. I know the way to go now to avoid traffic. I mean I always knew the routes around the city...but now I ALWAYS see and head into the faster route. So that was stuff that was manifested when I was simply telling myself how great everything is. this. I finally get into this headspace where I'm no longer making myself think I'm in the NOW....but I am IN THE NOW. Like....not thinking....but being. So I had this hangup about like, "well how do I know where I need to go, if I don't first acknowledge where I am?" Oh yes that one was a tough one for me. And I am still allowing the entirety of this sink in. I mean.....I already know where I am....there's really no need for me to acknowledge there. Like lets take trucking for instance.Say I am delivering oh....something I love! And say I have been there for just a few minutes. Do I know where I am? Yes. Do I need to walk around telling everyone at the coffee roasting plant "Hey - I'm at the coffee roasting plant"? No.

Next....staying on the truck driving theme....where am I going? Well from the coffee roasters, I am going to go to....oh let's say pick up a load of Ferrari Parts at the new factory here in PA. Now, do I know where the factory is? No, it's new. So I get directions and go. Now here's the I need to remind myself that I am at the coffee roaster's in order to get to the Ferrari factory? No! As I drive to the Ferrari I need to keep telling myself that I was at the coffee roaster' I am 10 miles away from the coffee roaster' order to get to the Ferrari factory? No! I do need to refer to the directions....and the big thing right here is - - - knowing that I was just at the coffee roaster's, has absolutely nothing to do with knowing how to get to the Ferrari factory!!!

In other words, is it important for me to know where the coffee roaster's is, in order for me to find the Ferrari factory? Is it necessary for me to drive to the coffee roaster's every single time I go to the Ferrari factory? NO, yet, according to this pattern of thinking it is....because I learned where the Ferrari factory relation to the coffee roaster's place. According to this manner of thought....every single time I needed to go to the Ferrari factory....I would need to go to the coffee roaster's order to understand where I was! the example sounds a little out there right? But still that's what I was doing in my thinking in relation to the loa. I was using this old mode of thought (you can't get to the Ferrari factory from here....only from the coffee roaster's)....You can't draw things into your life by just thinking about must first orient yourself by identifying what you are lacking....once you figure out what you're lacking then you can ask the law to draw it to you.

So....whoa....this is some really heavy heavy stuff! Just awesome breakthrough huge stuff. I mean just today so much stuff happened. 1. went to pick up a trailer....all were snow covered except mine. 2. another trailer....most parked in deep snow....except mine. 3. Traffic both yesterday and today....I find myself unconsciously asking for breaks in traffic so I can move through it a little better....and then in the middle of thinking - realize that someone is flashing their lights at me allowing me in the space ahead of them. I mean....I can totally go on and on and on....not just traffic....or trailers....but everything is just flowing so smoothly and with such effortless ease.

It is still amazing me....I had no idea how powerful this is. I really thought it was just some stuff to make me deal with stuff a little better and to draw "better" stuff into my life....but it is totally is an amazingly huge EVERYTHING is just flowing into place. And I mean everything. The only limits on this....are the constraints and limits I put on it....I am just in AWE!!!

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Comment by Paul Carpenter on February 15, 2010 at 10:04am
So true about the 101%....I think I described clearly where the extra 50% comes from in 'rocket fuel''s easier to visualize if you think of

Alright! Thanks. I'll expect red raw beans when they come. Oooo....Hawaii - are those Kona beans? Speaking of stuff in the picture, what are you pointing at?
Comment by Jill on February 15, 2010 at 2:30am
LOL...YEAH, where is Steve. He's probably hanging around here sipping his cup of joe reading all this good stuff.
lol...I love I laugh when peeps say " I gave 100 and 1 percent of my time". I always imagine what the 1%
Anyway...the RED ones are ripe for picking...The picture was taken in Hawaii. . .Oh how weird...I just noticed that my reading glasses are in the my left J
Comment by Paul Carpenter on February 15, 2010 at 1:21am
Nice one Jilly....looks like fun! I will be roasting my own beans this spring / summer (produces too much smoke for indoor roasting in the cold months) yet have never seen the raw fruit. Which is the mature stuff...the green?

My buddy's father had an old aluminum stovetop coffee pot maybe 5" in diameter at the base and it rose to the top much like the shape of a nuclear reactor cooling tower. He used to make what us youngsters called "rocket fuel" in that. 50% espresso, 50% water, 50% sugar....oh yes 150% is correct. The reason I say this....he was a dynamic...yet quiet gentleman....except when we started chattering about coffee...he used to tell the same delightful story everytime we spent afternoons making and drinking 'rocket fuel'....I still hear him when I make coffee in a more delicate and artful way he used to say "you know how coffee was discovered? Some shepherds saw their sheep munching on the beans.....and the shepherds noticed that the beans made the sheep - very happy very quickly! And so it was that shepherds discovered coffee."

Speaking of coffee....ahem....oooohhhhh Steve! Where are you friend?! In my first week or two on this site.Steve said to me something about his belief that everything can be traced back to very accurate!
Comment by Jill on February 15, 2010 at 12:26am
And to think a Coffee Bean got us to this
Share time...Jilly at coffee plantation picking coffee beans...Enjoy

Comment by Paul Carpenter on February 15, 2010 at 12:05am
Hooray Lee! So grateful that you are a part of this discussion!!!!

And very grateful for your insight Jilly!

Now lets go uncover more.....
Comment by Jill on February 14, 2010 at 1:53pm
Soon you won't even have thoughts of being a tree...YOU JUST ARE.
Comment by Paul Carpenter on February 14, 2010 at 7:35am
Great! Really tinking on the words you have written about this has helped to uncover this breakthrough Jilly. Thanks!

It is great's actually comforting that there is more to be understood and put into practice.

And I see that in my 'tired excitement' I have made some phrasing errors in my post. Like instead of "asking for breaks in traffic"....I am saying there is a break in traffic HERE. Or I am changing lanes NOW. Or I am etc....yes I am making all of the statements NOW and they are STATEMENTS.

I am making these NOW thoughts part of my newly trained unconscious mind so that they are becoming part of my subconscious and I will not need to think these....and this level of being is becoming "2nd nature" to me....I can see where I am acting with the law in much the same manner as I breath.....sometimes conscious....and always a mechanical function of the subconscious!

Happy Valentines Day!
Comment by sunshine on February 14, 2010 at 5:04am
Good stuff Paul!! So happy for you that you had a breakthrough like that. I think on this journey there are so many AHA-moments seeing that you can always take it one step further! Keep it up!!
Comment by Jill on February 14, 2010 at 3:51am
WHEW ! This was so good to read. I read it twice. It made me smile...J

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