The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 60something a week of sorting

This week has been a week of organising stuff. We are going to a wedding at the end of April of my beautiful niece. The wedding is in Brisbane, so we have to get all 6 of us there ( a 3 hour flight). This week I have arranged flights and accommodation. Will be so much fun as we will take the kids to the themeparks that week.
Another nephew gets married next week. I wanted to make a dress, but just dont have time. I did find a nice one today though, so I might buy it instead.
Oh and my husband and I sat down and discussed what our goals and dreams are. I found out that he wanted things that I had no idea that he wanted. He said he had given up on dreams. Its amazing that now I am working and earning, dreams are becoming much more a reality. He even noticed that I had a savings plan for some of the things that I have on my board. I priced the dreams he has so that we can start seriously planning for them. He is so much happier now he feels that this whole challenge stuff has him in mind too. I am doing a new goals board, with both my goals, his goals and family goals. We can have it all!! Its not all about material stuff either.....most about relationships, family and taking care of ourselves better.

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