The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Its about time that I write another blog. I'd like to start today off though by doing a quick gratitude list :) Blog to follow later.

I am truley greatful that I was given this day to live, to enjoy my boys, to be able to cuddle them whenever I want.
-for having healthy food for us all to eat
-for my family
-for my husband taking another job that he doesn't seem to crazy about to make sure that we're provided for
-that I can feel the baby kicking around inside my belly :)
-that I have such wonderful friends
-that we're all healthy
-that I am given the opportunity to have so much love in my life

I could go on and on but I think everyone else here would be greatful if I went and showered :)

Today I intend to stay positive, really positive and make the best out of every situation that comes my way. No matter what I do not want to raise my voice in frustration. (Wish me luck on this one, my 2 yr old has just realized how to throw things and scream no at me) Its hard to remember how young they are when they're lipping you off. I know that this is a stage that he has to go through though. Its a good thing that I love him so much, it makes it easier to keep calm

I intend to do at least 30 mins of yoga today as well as get in at least 7 glasses of water.
I'm working on de cluttering my life and I'm beginning with my home, today will be the pantry. I think the potatoes have sprouted in the back. Yikes.

I hope that all of you are doing fantastic, I look forward to reading your posts!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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