The 100 Day Reality Challenge

.Well....another title from the Master Key. Because yes.....I see quite a link between the Universal Mind....and me as an objective thought of the Universal Mind.

Today at some point....I started looking about....and still enjoying the HUGE revelation of yesterday....I slipped back into some thoughts I was pondering during Week 1 of the Master Key System. I thought...."well if we're all part of the whole (universal mind) and the whole is a product of it's parts (us)....what the hell does that have to do with manifesting parking spaces?"

The reason I pondered because no matter what time day or night....when I go to the 24 hour grocer....I always get THE parking the VIP PRIMO spot! And whenever I go to the department store....the same thing happens....within 2 or 3 spaces of the SAME SPOT. conclusion to this quandary was's kind of like - I'm going shopping....I know my buddy is at the store & I call him and say "Yo, Dude you get that PRIMO spot again?" And he says "You know it....20 paces to the door!" And I say "I'm a few minutes leaving soon?" And he says "I can be....just let em check out and I'll be outta here as you're coming in!". Okay add some colorful language....but I guess that's how this works....but on a molecular level. There are no conversations....just people moving about in the grand orchestrating mechanism of life.

So....I ponder that a little today and I start realizing that this loa when I said "I am changing lanes now". I am making a statement to the universal mind. I am tossing my stone (thought) into the lake of collective consciousness (universal mind). Once I do that....on a molecular level....stuff starts rearranging....and it is a SYMBIOSIS! In other thought to CHANGE LANES not just a random thought based on random is me communicating and acting on someone else's rock being thrown into the lake of collective consciousness. Then I started thinking....I am simply communicating with all of these people here on this roadway.

Some, like me, are doing it consciously and for us....we already know what each other is doing! Our actions will be amiable to each other because we make it so. These thoughts continued evolving. I started thinking about how cool everybody is who understands the law....and how great it is that we can all work in concert like that. I started realizing how much gathers I found myself at a delivery picking up an empty trailer. The reailer door had been left open and snow covered the inside of the last 5 or 6 feet of the trailer. WITHOUT THINKING - I walked up to the cab of my truck, grabbed my snow shovel (which I carry this time of year) and started clearing the snow out of the trailer.

Okay you what. that point in time....this was totally unnecessary. The trailer was going 500 miles away for someboby else to deal with....falling into the "not my problem" category right?.....wrong. As I was shoveling I thought to the tie this gets to where it's going it'll be ready for the next guy....guess who the "next guy"! Yes....I almost immediately got a backhaul. For those of you who do not understand this terminology....a backhaul is really great stuff. It means that I have delivered to one place for a certain fee....let's say $50.00. Normally I'd go back empty (with no backhaul) for a reduced rate - lets say $20.00 and get another load. A backhaul means I am still going back that other load, only the difference is that I am getting paid $50.00 instead of 20.00. And most backhauls are just a few miles away from where I dropped off. So I might be investing an extra 20 minutes in order to make an extra $30.00. And that was the case.

So I do this again.....I go to the same place....get a trailer.....start cleaning the snow out....all the while thinking ....well this will help the next know like links in a chain. And wouldn't you know it....another backhaul....all day! All day, I'm thinking.....I'll do this for the next link in the chain....and I am starting to get more work that I can handle. And not just "work" for the sake of "work"....but very very lucrative stuff.

Needless to say...this continued happening all day! Like the more stuff I did....I mean didn't contrive any of this stuff....I just DID it....the more I could feel that universal mind making my day groovier too!

How do I explain it? I go to one place & just start chatting with a gent I've seen for months....but never really said much to. Suddenly we're like old friends....then again at another location. Oh wow and how about this....15 guys started before I did this morning.....ALL of my loads are sitting in the yard waiting for me. ALL other drivers had to wait for their loads....or had to find alternative work. I'm amazed at this whole thing. the day progressed....and things just started snowballing into this giant happy fun day....I kept getting happier and happier....and I found myself chatting with more and more people I ran into....and found myself at just the "right" spot in traffic. Saying just the "right" thing during conversations. Doing my part to look out for others and have the "other" be me!

It's cool....and it's all starting to flow....and to fall into place.... the first day since I was a little kid....where I am just tired. Remember those days from being a kid? All that play....all that wonder.....all that yapping.....and then find yourself in PURE FREE GENUINE tiredness.... Oh yes...that is what I feel....and it feels very very good! 0

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Comment by Paul Carpenter on February 15, 2010 at 9:52am
Hey Jilly, it is amazing stuff. Perhaps more fascinating is the fact that I have been trying to describe some of the areas from my day that before day 60 felt inharmonious....and some words have lost their the word "delay" - everything is working in perfect concert at all there is only "according to plan"....I think "before and after" is the way to go. I'll see as it evolves in Day 62 posting today.

Speaking of trucking might have heard the word "bob-tail"....which is a little more popular a term meaning a tractor - or truck cab - with no trailer attached. You'll be a regular 'wizz-kid' when you talk to this gent next. I Think that's one of my favorite terms - as it makes me think of the growth cycle of a frog!

Hey sunshine. Thank you for reminding me....that every day is one of those days....and everything is in it's place....and I exert no effort to simply allow it to be! Thanks also for your wishes of lots of sunshine....the skies here are raining sunshine everywhere! The creeks, rivers and streets are overflowing with it! It is a Venetian scene outside with sunshine flowing through the streets. :)
Comment by sunshine on February 15, 2010 at 4:53am
Thanks Paul, that was really inspiring. I just love when those days come and everything seems to be falling into place, and I love that those days come so much more frequently since I have started this challenge!! Wishing you all the best and lots of sunshine!!
Comment by Jill on February 15, 2010 at 2:47am
I love the Chain of events. One link after another, all perfectly connected. OH my, did I hear myself say that word Connected"? Yup I did.
Thanks for that "backhaul" info. I know a fella at the dog park who is a retired trucker. I cant wait to work that word into the conversation...I love it when I look smart...I'm such a brat huh.

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