The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 62 - oh and it's New Year's Day

Hey guys,

I think that my goals and intentions are a little different now since I started the 100 Day Challenge back in November. I've had a nice break over the Christmas period, going back to work tomorrow, hopefully this time I will be prepared to face any challenges that may arise although I'm intending to try and adopt a more positive attitude.

Right now, the overriding themes for this year are (a) Loving myself and (b) Going with the flow. I feel that self love could be important for many people this year, and also love in general. I have been trying to fix external factors for years without fixing the cause of much of them. Oscar Wilde said 'To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance' - most people are dependent on a relationship making them happy and are not happy in themselves. Whilst I still would like a relationship and more friendships, I need to learn go of neediness and a lack mentality, and to love and accept myself more.

I also want to go with the flow of life rather than against it. Even if there are things that could be different, it is no use fighting against them. I think that allowing life to take its course, living day by day with an open heart and being grateful for what I have are important for me this year.

I want to re-commence my writing, not sure which book though. I will think about this possibly at the weekend. Also planning on changing my eating habits - chocolate and cake are going to go out the window, although I do intend to look at sugar free alternatives at some point.

Should be an interesting next few months ....

Love and blessings x

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Comment by Sophie COLAS on January 2, 2013 at 4:43pm
Dear Andy,
Happy new year.
I like your intentions. To succed please do not forget to set only one intention per month. Good luck

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