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I really had no specific intentions today but I seem to be instead doing some pondering. I feel like we reach a certain understanding after we have been practicing law of attraction consciously for a while where we truly become the observers of our own creations. However, I also believe that perhaps we still operate from a lot of the same conditioning as we always have, possibly to a lesser degree, but now we are more able to WATCH the process instead of being immersed in it. Experiential immersion vs. observance.

Right now i am watching some old conditioning from my childhood years having to do with school friends who are currently resurfacing in my life. I'm wondering about some things that have happened between all of us over the years. My chattering "never shuts up" brain keeps telling stories about it and I'm very well aware of the stories. So how to do away with the conditioning? For now I am coming back to my calm self and telling the voice "noooo, I'm not thinking like that any longer" but its actually very schizophrenic really!! My ultimate goal is to no longer have that voice but to be honest with you I don't think that's possible, is it? How do we quiet the chattering negative voice forever? Nirvana....meditation. I just answered my own question LOL.

Now that I'm typing it all up I'm seeing that this really has been the quest of every spiritual seeker since the beginning of time. There is no reason that I can't reach it but I'll just have to learn to be easier on myself about that peanut sized left brain activity. It is what it is and to be honest with you its not real why give it any power, right? What you resist persists, What you ignore goes away.

Ok so the fact is that I am choosing to experience peace on a daily basis. Today will be a peaceful day but also productive. I will get what I need done around the house and also lots of work done in regards to "work". I will get my templates finished for mailings, a flyer made up, addresses imported into printable labels, etc. By dinner time I will be quite pleased with the progress of the day and the absolute quietude in which I performed all of the tasks.
I will be all set up and ready to go for tomorrow's meeting with the woman from trend.
There will be a quiet joy and awe in my mind and in my heart that will keep me in deep gratitude as the day goes on.

Today I am so very grateful for everyone here and a place where I can come to voice my thoughts, even if they are left brain thoughts. I can work through the kinks without anyone saying "WOW Thats out there" LOL....Its all good...

Happy co-creating everyone!

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