The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Here I am at Day 64 and I have had a HUGE breakthrough with regards to my business.

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I knew it was going to be a good day!  I have been working on my business model with the guidance of my coach over the past couple of weeks, but things just weren't feeling right.

I worked really hard last week in trying to make sense of the 'mess' in my head and get clarity around the direction of my business.  I put it out there that I wanted the Universe to show me the path I should be taking and after a few days, I had a lightbulb moment!!!

It has meant that I have changed my target market but it all makes sense and feels right!!  I am now going to be focussing on targeting men and women in the Emergency Services field.  This makes so much sense to me as I previously worked in recruitment and Human Resources for both the Police and Corrections (Prison Guards).  I absolutely loved working with these groups so it seems the natural choice to work with them again in my new venture.

I love the fact that these groups are all selfless individuals that are community focussed and give to others.  Now, I want to give back to them!!

Words can't describe the sense of relief and excitement I am feeling right now.  I have clarity and although I am at week 3 with my business coaching and need to start again with this new target market, I actually feel as though I have made the most progress to date!

I am so grateful to my business coach, Michelle.  I could not have got to this point without her guidance, support and inspiration. Eternally grateful....! :)

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