The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm back! 

The past few days I had to sit back and remove myself from all the internet chaos that keeps me distracted. I didn't realize the distractions, but felt good to get away. 

When things become or feel like a chore then its time to go back to basics. I lost some ways because I was more focused on other things that were not aligned with who I am and what I want. I must go back to the basics and go within. I stopped meditating, stop eating healthy, and even lot interest in things that I used to be passionate about. Learning to say no can be relieving when things are already crazy. 

I missed the passion and love I had for what I was doing for myself, family, and others. IF its not fun anymore then I don't want to do it and then I notice things going a

wry and my expectations end up disappointing me because I didn't do the necessary things to reach my goal. 

I am so happy and grateful for my husband for supporting me in anything I want to do. I also support him and his ideas, but the stress of controlling him and trying to make certain things about him to change didn't work. I didn't realize I was trying to change him until I stepped back and reflected on the things I needed to change within myself.

Being uncomfortable isn't as scary as you think. Once I went after your fears my reality shifts. I see a different perception of my life. Having the control over myself rather than focusing on others gave me the feeling that I did have control after all. 

Going to make a vision board for what I want for 2014! :) I haven't made a physical one in a very long time and I feel like making one will help me see what it is I want and help with visualization exercises. This should be fun if I include the kids and take tons of pictures.  

  • Meditation
  • Focus on what I have right now in this moment. 
  • Reading
  • Yoga

I want to manifest a blogging job from Best Buy and I will get a $50 gift card which I can use to purchase a blender so I an make green smoothies again. I also have a few affiliate and sponsor jobs that I hope that I want to manifest to earn some extra cash for more small appliances to work towards eating vegan and even try raw vegan. I would love to share my fitness/health journey with my readers on the blog. 

Purchase a few notebooks for ideas, thoughts, feelings, dreams, stories, poems, etc. Whatever it is that I want to write about I write about it. Writing out things helps me release any negative thoughts or even sort out my thoughts so I can get back into my positive energy and feel good again. 

Getting organize is hard without having the proper furniture... I want to manifest furniture for the house that is also organizing for myself, Leon and the kids. I want to share this with others on how it worked for me by using my blog. 

I want to say WOOT! Last month I generated my first $250 income. This is after almost 2 months of the self-hosted blog being live. I say it was a great investment that I had decided to make. :) I want to manifest $300 this month solely from the blog. :) I have so many plans and ideas that I can't focus on just one... Ahhh this is why I want the notebooks to organize them and put them into action. 

Happy Manifesting! :) 


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