The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 66: An Artist, a Leaf, and the Winds of Change

Today I am staring down day 66 of my first 100 day challenge. Upon first glance, I find myself to be perplexed. I think it is important to note that I choose to be perplexed rather than a lesser, more negative emotion. I look at my first 66 days of this challenge as an artist looking at her canvas, having set out with a particular idea for my finished masterpiece and yet realizing that it has not yet shaped up to be so. And so...perplexed is this artist who does not see on the canvas what she had envisioned in her head.

Ok, so I am not the Picasso, Monet or Leonardo Di Vinci that I would like to be and know that I am capable of being with regard to my experience in this 100 day challenge. I see that I need some good old fashioned practice and that I need to make use of the tools of the trade to better create a 100 Day Masterpiece.

I have been spontaneous, impulsive and maybe even a little bit erratic at times. I have found myself seeking shelter several times over as I have gotten caught up in the strong winds of change. I may have charted my direction with a strong northbound inclination, but the wind still carries me like a leaf that has fallen from the tree. While I would never say that I am right back where I started, I will say that I do not quite know where I am. I am, afterall, just a leaf who has yet to take root. "My how I love to travel," smiles this giddy little leaf.

So, as I ponder the picture of my past 66 days, I am drawn to the overall playfulness of the piece before me. I am awed by some of the absolutely breathtaking gems I have discovered, created into my reality and painted upon my canvas. I, too, find myself to be intrigued with some of the muddy waters I have floated in, and also created into my reality and painted upon my canvas. Upon close examination, the piece just makes me giggle...and I count giggling among the happy emotions I sought to live in daily during this 100 day challenge.

As I move forward in the final leg of my challenge, I see opportunity to build upon, improve and change my ever evolving masterpiece. All of these things I will do, and I will be sure to continue giggling all along the way.

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Comment by Jennifer Sandomir on September 10, 2009 at 8:46am
I love that concept -- an artist co-creating a masterpiece!


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