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Been too long . Too long . I just been flowing with how things are going . If you want , come join me on twitter . I'm always updating there . :) 

With all that's been going on with Hubby's family, allowing another family to live with us , & Andrea's doctor appointments. I am learning to show compassion for myself by allowing myself to be my authentic self within each moment. Letting ppl see me for me . Sharing my true emotions and my truth in a respectful manner without being caught up in the other's perception of it. It's out of my control ♥ I am releasing any false thought or idea of who I think I am . I just AM . Embracing the moment for what it is and humbling accepting that it is not perfect , but perfect enough ♥ Setting boundaries and respecting others' , but being accountable following through with what serves me for the greater good . Appreciating the things and people being here in the now & not talking another moment of what & who I love for granted ! ♥ So far so good ;) I'm learning to be patient as I'm doing my workouts. Not seeing any significant changes physically, but I noticed a huge difference in my emotional and mental state if I don't work out . 

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Comment by Gloria Bolton on January 14, 2013 at 1:31pm
Glad to hear that you are happy with what is being sent your way! It is good to hear how situations which can just help us to bury ourselves in misery can also give us a chance to experience love, compassion and patience! Always love your energy! Happy 2013 :)


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