The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 69 S1 pushing away clouds passing by on my challenge

Day 69 S1

I must have unconsciously doubted again because the contract that was done for my tango painting was estimated not having a  "clear visible writing" enough to be taken into account.  The person ordering the painting is gone for a while away so this seemed quite annoying to fix in time. Then I remembered that the  abortion of artistic projects have happened a lot before: A fresco cancelled because the kid's room had too much humidity, another fresco cancelled because the couple didn't buy the house after all so no kid's playroom to be painted; a project for a make-up artist who decided that she couldn't invest money in the artistic set  she ordered me  to place her material on; etc. This kind of things kept going on for a whole year (2013). Then I pushed myself to make another art exhibition last year and it freed me from that lower wave. I sold paintings and felt quite happy with the "universe" of the whole collection.(Underwater world)

So when this cloud just appeared on my 100 day challenge, I thought "not agaaaain!!"  Good thing I tracked down my inner doubts in time! I sent a new contract and this morning  I got confirmation of reception. My project will be saved because I've decided that my art projects must blossom instead of the other way around. And I say Amen to that and to myself right now...  :p

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Comment by Mily So Cavaco on August 20, 2015 at 12:06pm

Hi E.D,

thanks. :-)

We gotta pay attention and make sure we turn things the other way around :p

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