The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I worked and then went to a play today. Work was mediocre. After work I met up with two friends to see a play. The play was decent. I was not blown away but I was entertained. After the play I went to dancing which was really fun. I love dancing with dancers. I ended up drinking a bit too much. In the past I really enjoyed being excessive with my drinking but now it doesnt seem to serve me.

It is difficult to become wealthy if you feel poor. Find a way to feel wealthy in my emotions.

Where do I feel wealthy?

I have friends that love me.

The opportunity to develop my spiritual.

Where do I feel true love?

I love myself.

Everyone who meets me loves and appreciates me.

My cat truly loves me.

My spirit guides and angels love me.

My mom and my brother love me.

My friends love me.

Where do I feel successful in my career?

Whenever I do a scene in class I really truly move people.

My peers are always thanking me for my work.

I book most of my auditions, and I always get great feedback.

I am grateful for the beautiful sunlight.

I am grateful to eat delicious.

I am grateful for all the books helping me become more spiritual.

I am grateful to being open to love.

I am grateful for EFT.

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