The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 69 season 3 action is the name of this game!!


MAN!! stuff is in the works here people!! i have experienced so much wonderful success has been wonderful. I have been doing Bikram yoga with some co workers and that has been a very beautiful experience.. I have started doing tango with a new friend who came out of the wood work and i am experiencing tons of success with that too...lately everything i touch turns to gold...i am getting better and better at expecting success in every way that i want it...i have so many people in my life that lte me know that they are here to support me...HUGE success..i feel so much coming in to alignment many people and places , things and experinces are being lined up with my expectation.... my brain and body has practiced so much during this life, and now i focus on what it is that i want to feel, what do i want to experience...expect success and let go..and it all comes rushing much success to come!!i know its all on its way. check out this awesome video :)

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